On the way back to Penna. tonight, I stopped by Cumberland, MD, and wandered over to an interesting-looking spire that happened to belong to the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.  It was closed when I got there, so I looked through the “welcoming doors” and got an eyeful: beautiful altars with relics in the altar pieces.  As I turned to leave, an old man in clerical pants and an unseasonable flannel shirt asked my buisness.  I told him I was there to see the church, and he said he was a priest and would let me in. 

I took the five-cent tour of the place, and we talked for a spell.  When we got on the subject of altars, I mentioned that the church must of had either too little money or too much sense to tear them down in the ’70’s.  He laughed, and I followed up with a comment on the new motu proprio.  More laughs, and the old man said “When someone asks me about the latin mass, I say “Introibo ad altare dei [etc.]”  I’ve got nine years of formal latin, but English is my language, and I prefer it.  Now, if someone wants to say a latin mass in our church, that’s fine.  But as for me, I’ll stick with english.  The last time I said a mass in latin was when Pope John Paul II was elected.  I figured ‘this calls for universality!'”

I think that this is the best personal expression regarding SP I’ve heard from a priest so far.  Father seems to understand the fundemental reasons for the motu: Expand, broaden, and revivify the Latin Rite.  The Church is holding out more to the faithful.

On the other hand, it seems Father is hung up on language.  Many people stick on the point of Latin, as if it’s all about Latin. 

I could go on, but I would only be repeating what others have said better.