Traditio has been online since 1994.  It was run by an anonymous “priest” at first, who has since identified himself and brought on a fellow “priest.” 

These two “priests” spend most of their time commenting on things the Pope has done.  They write their entries one subject-per-day, and following this formula has forced them to forward post over a week ahead of time. In fact, their kabuki-like technique has made their website both quaint in its appearance and unreadable in its format.

But what makes it most unreadable is the “Fathers'” style.  They have gone from standard doggerel to unhinged jargon, making reference to “new pope” Ratzinger and “Novus Ordo Mess” (how clever, tee-hee!) every single time. But that’s not all; there are dozens of impolite, crude, and downright stupid neologisms that prove both the unchristianity and foolishness of the authors. In short, it makes it impossible to read OR take seriously.

What’s more, the “Fathers” like to lie.  They started with half-truths and obnoxious takings out of context, and have recently devolved into publishing damned, bold faced lies.  Lies suit both their agenda and the tastes of their cultist reader base. 

Speaking of lies, the “Fathers” are not even priests.  They were ordained, they say, by someone with valid orders, but cannot prove it, and will not offer proof. 

I will post the fruit of the loons at a later time, and you can see for yourself.