In 2002, they said they wouldn’t.

Now they say they probably will.


Good for the Pittsburghers who still beleive in God.

But Yawn for the church in general.

The ECUSA has been on autodestruct mode for years. We have watched multiple reallignments and schisms in the ECUSA over the last 50 years due to decisions about race and women’s ordination, but after this one, I wouldn’t expect to see any more. The gay clergy issue is the last mire of realativeism into which the church can sink, after which what is left of the ECUSA will be irrelevant, shrinking, liberal Unitarianism. I doubt that we shall recognize the ECUSA in ffifty years.

Admittedly, this is bigger that a few parishes jumping off. I predict that, after this round of defections, we will have seen the last of schisim within the Episcopal Church.