A story ran last week about the resignation of Archbishop Pius Ncube of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.  His Excellency has been an outspoken critic of famed Baby-Eater (read “African Dictator”) Robert Mugabe, having publicly called for the overthrow of the government.  Ncube was recently rumored to have committed adultery, rumors which, though denied by Ncube as a smear tactic of the Mugabe regime, led to his resignation on 11 September.

Now it appears that Ncube may take on Mugabe in the next presidential election.

Excerpt from CWN:

The prospect of a presidential campaign by a Catholic prelate would undoubtedly raise concerns at the Vatican. In February of this year the Vatican announced the suspension of Bishop Fernando Lugo Mendez, the former leader of the San Pedro diocese in Paraguay, after Lugo rejected a Vatican order to end his own presidential race.

I don’t think that Ncube is simply going to go away.  Let’ just pray that he doesn’t just “disappear” either. 


UPDATE:  26SEP07- Ncube has denied rumors that he will run for president.  Story from CNA.