A 45-minute drive to the south from my hometown in, Kentucky will bring you to Martin County, across the Tug Fork from Logan County, WV.  I was back home for a few days and picked up a local paper to read the following story, one of the most disturbing things I have ever heard from.  

Dateline: Logan, WV 

From The Inez, KY Mountain Citizen:

 One person was arraigned Monday and two were scheduled for arraignment yesterday in the kidnapping, rape and torture of a Kanawah County woman who was discovered Sept. 8 at a home on Big Creek near Chapmanville, W.Va.

The trio are part of a group of six people-all white-accused of various charges in the imprisonment of Megan Williams, 20, an African American. It is alleged that Williams was raped, sexually assaulted, beaten, stabbed, forced to eat rat and dog feces and drink from a toilet, and lick blood during a near month-long period at a mobile home shared by Frankie Brewster, 49, and her son Bobby Brewster, 24.

Last week it was reported Williams was missing from her home one week. This was updated yesterday after investigators determined she had been at the home nearly a month.

Others charged are a mother and daughter, Karen Burton, 46, and Alisha Burton, 22, both of Chapmanville, Danny J. Combs, 20, of Harts Creek, and George A. Messer, 27, of Chapmanville.

(. . .)

In the initial complaint it is alleged that Bobby Brester threatened to kill Williams if she left the home, forced her to eat dog and rat feces, lick up blood and drink water from a toilet.

Frankie Brester is accused of forcing the victim to “lick her toes, [genitalia] and [other unpublishable area]” and that when the police arrived, Mrs. Brewster told her to stay inside or she would kill her.

Karen Burton is alleged to have pulled and cut the victim’s hair, choked her with a cable, and cut the victim’s ankle with a knife while saying to her, “This is what we do to [racial epithet] around here.” Her daughter, Alisha, is alleged to have pulled out the hair of the victim, choked her and cut her with a knife.

Messer is alleged to have poured hot water over Williams while she was being sexually assaulted by another person.

A rally was held at a church in Cora near Logan to show support for the victim . . ..

( . . ..)

  I think maybe Jesse and Al are in Louisiana right now because they are race baiters.  Blacks are being tortured and raped in West Virginia, but Hurricane Katrina happened in Louisiana, so there is more political capital to be raised in Louisiana right now.  Reverend Sirs, if you are serious about bringing racist acts to light, come to Logan County and do your thing.  Otherwise, I suppose you will keep after the strawmen.


P.S.-Two things.  First, the local NAACP has been visible in Logan County in connection with this case.  Second, what happened in Jena was really bad, racist, and dumb.  But it is nothing compared to what went on in Logan County.