Because the Pope just can’t just let us kill ourselves.

 From their filthy blog:

There are over 1.1 billion Catholics in the world. The lion’s share of those are in South and Central America, where religious observance is high, abortion is often illegal, and rates of birth control use are low. And the Pope isn’t to happy about that. The New York Times reported the other day that the Pope, in a visit to Vienna, called on politicians to help reverse declining birthrates there and in other European countries:

Benedict stressed demographics as he repeated, in a strong multifront attack, the Vatican’s long-held opposition to abortion.

“I appeal, then, to political leaders not to allow children to be considered as a form of illness,” he said in his native German to a gathering of diplomats. “I say this out of concern for humanity. But that is only one side of this disturbing problem.

“The other is the need to do everything possible to make European countries once again open to welcoming children,” he added, in this nation with a low birthrate. “Encourage young married couples to establish new families and to become mothers and fathers! You will not only assist them, but you will benefit society as a whole.”

He further said that children should not “be considered a form of illness.” We can all recognize that birthrates in Europe are declining. Italy’s birthrate is at an all-time low. And religious observance is on the wane in countries that have long been among the most staunchly Catholic in the world. The Pope is right to say that Catholicism “profoundly shaped the [European] continent.”

But what makes me uncomfortable is what he said next: that Europe’s embracing of legalized abortion and rejection of Catholic teachings regarding birth control could threaten the continent’s existence, leaving a world where Catholicism predominates not in traditionally white European countries but in Latin American countries that are devout in the way Europe used to be.

While praying in the shadows of Vienna’s holocaust memorial, the Pope called out abortion as the threat to European humanity. Might that have been a good moment to talk instead about the horrors of genocide, and perhaps to bring up Rwanda or Darfur? Or to highlight the importance of universal healthcare in healing the ill and ensuring a society that respects its citizens? Seems to me like a real missed opportunity.

(h/t Sheila)

The presupposition here is that any one who wants to preserve Catholicism as a part of Western Civilization is a racist, because that person must then fear the loss of the West to the global south.  Really, a law student should avoid those sort of simple logical fallacies.  Unless, of course, it helps bolster their indefensible position.

It might be racist IF the Pope were not simply echoing the statements of the past two presidents of France and the current President of Russia, along with hundreds of other civic official who, over the last 15-years have called for more babies for Europe.

What your lobby is hiding from the world is the fact that France and Russia now have less than one baby for every person who dies, and Italy is making its way in that direction.

Europe has collectively decided to do to itself what two world wars couldn’t, namely, kill itself. 

The Pope is striking out against the forces of materialism that turn all of history and philosophy inward, making only the self relevant.  No time for God, babies, or anything else but me and what makes me feel good.

“Seems to me like a real missed opportunity.”

 . . .to talk about something that would make ME feel better.  The materialism of your position is guileful poison, and beside killing unborn babies, it will someday destroy the world.

All those who would exault the material cult of self worship through the law are unworthy of the law.  The sacrament of this cult is abortion.