I was happily surprised to find a comment in Gerald’s combox on my RCIA post from a priest:

I spent some time reflecting on this post. I reflected on it in light of the readings from the office of readings for the last few weeks from the Prophet Ezekiel and from St. Augustine’s letter on Shepherds. In the latter, especially, St. Aigustine chastises bishops (and ny extension, I suppose, to any others who assume leadership within the Church) for loking out for themselves and what they want at the cost of those God placed into their care. This section of the Office of Readings always gives me cause to reflect to see if I am falling into such vices in my own teaching and peaching and pastoral care; but also makes me mourn ( moreso every year) at how those entrusted with the flock treat the flock with the disdain shown to Will and countless others.

I mean, do we not understand we will have to stand before God and defend our actions and words? I think the worst thing God could do to us is play back for us every word we, as shepherds, ever uttered and let us see the effects of said words.

I remember while I was in seminary back in the 80’s (I dropped out for several years and came back in the 90’s…thank God..but that’s a different story) and remember the same nonsense being taught there. I remember being docked for writing “The Incarnation is when the Son of God, the Second Person of the Trinity, became man”; I didn’t say “..when the child of God became a human person.” I remember being taught confession was archaic, as was the ‘top-down-monarchy’ aka as the Pope and Bishops. I wish I was as strong as Will. After 3 years I could stand no more. It is my sincere hope that this nonsense will wanr as a generation of catechists have gone to their eternal reward.

On behalf of the Church, Will and all others who have had to go through this nonsense, we should have known and done better. Thanik you for sticking through.