From an email from Leon Suprenant, President of the first Catholic organization I joined after joining the Church, Catholics United for the Faith:

Dear Will,

I saw your email address in one of the other comments and thought I’d drop you a note.

First, I was wondering if you could add CUF’s blog to your list of recommended blogs/websites. [Recommened Without Hesitation]

Second, I just want to congratulate you (not on surviving RCIA—you’ve already heard plenty about that, and rightly so), but for the great work you’re doing on your blog. I’m fairly new to blogging myself, but your blog seems to get a lot of traffic and it’s very well done. You certainly are “giving back” in a substantial way, and thus providing a wonderful service to the Church.

Third, related to the second, I’m going to visit your site more often and will offer comments as I can.

God bless you!

Leon Suprenant

Humbled.  Staggered.  Very Pleased.