Leon Suprenant, President of Catholics United for the Faith discusses his intellectual conversion from “I am personally pro-life, but” to a full supporter of the Church’s teaching on life issues.

From CUFBlog:

When I returned to Jesus Christ and His Church in 1984, it wasn’t as though a decade of unchecked sinful habits and behaviors fell by the wayside. I had to struggle mightily to replace vice with virtue. The struggle continues to this day. After all, “denying myself” and “turning the other cheek” don’t come naturally.

I also had to convert on intellectual matters. I was fresh out of law school and something of a constitutional law scholar, having sharpened my legal teeth on Roe v. Wade jurisprudence. That year, Mario Cuomo, the poster child of “I’m personally opposed but” politics, captured my imagination with a stirring keynote address at the Democratic National Convention.

So, when I first came back to the Church, I brought my pro-choice ideology with me. Of course I was “personally opposed”–so much so that even then I would have gladly adopted a child rather than see him or her aborted. But I wasn’t where I needed to be in terms of fully accepting the Church’s coherent pro-life ethic. It took a year of prayer, study, and conversations with godly friends before I realized that I needed to repent and do penance for my dissident views.    

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