For those who say “War is Not the Answer”, remember that the evil in this world is the subject of warfare- Spiritual Warfare, World War II, Armageddon, etc. 

I think Jus in Bello can be summed up this way:  War IS the answer if it is the only answer.  Pacifism is NOT a Catholic virtue.

 In this vein, we have something very good today from Gerald’s Blog:

Dictators love to surround themselves with people who give them credibility. Whether it’s Castro and half of Hollywood, or Hitler and Chamberlain, the song remains the same. Sometimes those ‘useful idiots’ agree with the dictator (Cuba), sometimes they have fairly good intentions and are simply naive. I don’t think Pax Christi much agrees with Iran’s president, but nonetheless, they are pawns in his game. Often, the dislike of the USA will make leftists rather sympathetic to respective dictators, one need only remember ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda. What is common is the, at best, dislike for one’s own country and the readiness to believe anything about it, while at the same time being highly generous towards dictators.

It is said that a liberal is someone who doesn’t take his own side in a fight. I’m not so sure. A committed leftist American (ie, not every liberal) fights for his side – which is any side except America’s. Quite a few such leftists look longingly at ‘strong men’ like Lil Hugo Chavez. In the past, leftists wanted the USA to disarm unilaterally, wanted the USA to withdraw the protective ‘shield’ from Western Europe and so forth.

In addition, such leftists look unkindly towards actual freedom fighters – the Cubans in the USA are sneered at, as were dissidents in the former Communist countries. How dare they despise the wonders of Marxism !

Now, to the topic at hand – Pax Christi (a leftist Catholic group with people like retired bishop Gumbleton) and other outfits have been meeting with the president of Iran.

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