After a fashion, that is.

Elvis sings “Miracle of the Rosary”, cut together with religious imagery and footage of the king singing “How Great Thou Art”.

For all of his rockstar stupidity, Elvis, like all real Southern men, loved Jesus, his mama, and America, in that order. His actions bespoke a certain selfish narcissism, it is true, but the circumstances surrounding how he came to record this song show, I think, the heart of the man.

Just as he was keen to give away Cadillacs to parents with dying children, Elvis would sometimes record songs for the benefit of the dying. It seems that, in this case, there was a Catholic relation of one of Elvis’ friends who loved his gospel work and wished only to hear him sing the praises of Our Lady before she passed on to meet Her. Elvis obliged, and sings with convincing emotion. The production is pretty swell, too. The recording is hard to lay hands on, though, so this version is not the best.

Overall, I think that it is a good tribute, considering the man was a baptist.