I was spared growing up from certain cultural phenomena by a combination of (a) rural location, and (b) a mother who had the wisdom to instill in me a sense of the good-old sic transient gloria mundi. 

One of the things from which I was spared was dancing the Electric Slide.

 I wish this priest in Louisville, KY, had been similarly spared.  An explanation of why the Mass is like the Electric Slide, via Still Running Off at the Keyboard:

Our Sunday Mass is the heart from which all our outreach flows. Understanding its details is essential for gleaning its deepest meanings. Allow me to share with you an image I hold of the Mass as a “dance.”

I think of the Mass and its four movements like dancing the “Electric Slide.”
There are four movements to this dance: (1) step from side to side, (2) two steps back, (3) the Big Dip, and (4) the kick off.

Likewise there are four movements to the Mass: (1) Gathering, (2) Story telling, (3) Meal Sharing, and (4) Sending.

If father had been as blessed as me, he could have avoided making an ass of himself, both as a theologian and, presumably, as a dancer.