Hello, happy readers.  Here is an update on my condition:

  • My hernia surgery is scheduled for Thursday, 11 October, at 9:45 am.  My cutter is Dr. B., who in her former life was known as Col. B., United States Army Medical Corps, and, more recently, as Sister D. B. of the [religious order deleted.]  She is performing the operation for free, because (1) I have no health insurance, and (2) she’s a nun and couldn’t take the money anyway.   Sister tells me that the surgery is a piece of cake, but the recovery is a bitch (of course I am paraphrasing.)  I am already taking narcotics for pain, which I will continue for some time after the operation.  I apologize in advance for any decrease in blog quality and/or volume that may result.  I earnestly solicit your prayers for me, sister, and the attending staff.
  • I can now look forward to  having my  very own  (borrowed)  roof over my head.  A friend has offered us excellent conditions on a house in Burke, VA , just south of Washington, DC, and I have accepted.  This means that I might just get to live with my wife during her pregnancy.  You see, we have been apart since June when I moved to Pittsburgh in search of work.  She has been staying with her folks ever since.
  • Speaking of looking for work,  I am still looking for gainful employment.  I am willing to work anywhere, and do anything.  I have experience in non-profit management, research, and law.  My terms are very flexible,  and I am available immediately.   Any suggestions would be warmly welcomed.