Fr. Z poses a very interesting question:

I am looking around at my things.

I have literally thousands of books.

I have various amazing ecclesiastical objet.


Small souveniers.

CDs.  DVDs.

Lots of electronic stuff.


If you had to leave where you are in, say, 12 hours, what would you take?


What would you take? 

12 hours

You  can take only what you can carry.

They are coming for you.

Block by block.

I.D. checks.

Are you Catholic?

Think about weather… transport… distances…  … … …. hostility.

What would you take?

You might be very pious in this moment.  But…

On your way out the gaping door… do you grab something?  A photo?  A nicknak?

Your … baseball bat?

Your… volume of Shakespeare’s Sonnets?

You have seen films of carts with lamps, and chairs.

Clarify your thinking.

The answer is easy for me.  I haven’t got anything worth taking.