Since internet traffic is picking up on this topic, I’ve decided to post about it.

From AmericanPapist:

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The fantasy film is based on a novel by Philip Pullman called Northern Lights. It is already attracting attention in the US for avoiding much of the book’s perceived anti-Catholic rhetoric.

(. . . From the trailer:)

Narrator: “[This] is a world dominated by the Magisterium, which seeks to control all humanity, and whose greatest threat, is the curiosity of a child.” (oh darn, he’s on to us!)

Scientist Good Guy: “… [there is a] parallel universe, where there is no Magisterium.” Religious Evil Guy: “That is heresy.” Scientist Good Guy: “That is the truth.” (aw shucks, science proved us wrong again!)

What’s worse, I found an Amazon review of the novel that this movie is based upon. The review more than collaborates first-hand what CathNews mentions about the books being anti-Catholic:

A shock of bigotry

I read all three of these books and I kept waiting for the Anti-Catholic crap to be explained and rectified. I was horrified particularly that this is a book directed at children when the point of the whole story was to kill the “Authority” aka God. Not only that but all of the Priests of the Church were horrible, evil men who are lacivious, dirty, and murderous. Not one of them is good. And then the only way that the world can be saved is for two 12 year olds to make out.

There are so many other details in the story that I could name as examples of the vemonous anti Christian and particularly anti Catholic bigotry in these books. The ‘tempter’ is an ex nun who flat out tells the two children that Christianity is a mistake…and there is also a thinly veiled reference to sex when the book says her greatest time of ‘bliss’ was not when she was a nun. She also goes on to tell these two 12 year old kids that she was not married but lived with a man for four years. Then there is a bizarre story of the two male ‘angels’ who are in love with each other.

I’d like to tell any parents to steer clear of this book that is supposedly for children or even young adults. And also for people who are fairminded individuals and who dislike bigotry in any form.

I rated this item one star but I would give it NO STAR if I could.

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