My mother-in-law was a teacher in a “home school academy” in suburban Washington, D.C., for a number of years. She taught English literature and she was very good at what she did.

This particular academy was conducted by a non-denominational protestant church. She interacted with the students one day a week. It was the responsibility of the parents, with the help of the academy instructors serving as specialists, to teach their child in the interim.

While I tend to be a proponent of home schooling, I think that a parent ought to actually “school” his child rather than set him adrift. What follows are some memorable answers to essay questions that tend to show either negligence or incompetence on the part of the parents.

  • Regarding the conference between Lady MacDuff and her son in Act IV of MacBeth: “It was truly an amniotic moment.” (Note: Such a formulation is worthy of Teilhard de Chardin.)
  • A student, writing about pro-death themes in literature, drew a parallel to the modern “problem of youth in Asia” (euthanasia).
  • On Henry V: “He went from being a nonsensical prince to a dexterous king.”