The Pope gave a box of his used shoes to an American homeless shelter earlier this month. From CathNews:

Some of America’s homeless are now walking in the Pope’s shoes.

The boxes arrived from Rome after Fr Joseph Johnson, rector of the Cathedral of St. Paul gave some visiting friends from the Vatican a tour of Sharing and Caring Hands, a homeless mission in downtown Minneapolis.Pope Benedict XVI received the shoes from an Italian shoemaker and asked that they be distributed to the poor.

When she opened the boxes, Sharing and Caring director Mary Jo Copeland found several dozen pairs of the handmade shoes, but didn’t know who had donated them, The Associated Press reported

“Father (Johnson) says, ‘That’s from the pope.’ I said, `What do you mean?,'” said Copeland.

Tasha Allen, who received a pair of the shoes, said, “It’s a blessing for everybody. All the kids love them. The parents love them, too. I just can’t stop smiling. Thank you, Pope.”

Copeland also received a note from the Vatican and a picture of the pope.


“The Pope is praying for me,” she said. “I know I’ll keep going.”