A thoughtful article on the Right’s unlikely union with intellectual atheist Christopher Hitchens over the war. Recently, Hitchens advocated total victory through the eradication of the fundamentalist Muslim population. Written by Stephen Braunlich:

The constant history of large scale atheistic movements has been one of mass slaughter and oppression of the religious, as was seen in the French, Russian, Chinese, and Mexican Revolutions as well as countless other smaller revolutions. Now this isn’t to say that every individual atheist is a genocidal maniac, simply that those revolutions that have been atheistic typically use the strategy of “putting a bullet through every god-haunted brain.”

(. . .)

If the argument advanced by conservatives to persuade traditionalists to take an interventionist posture in the war on terror is the necessity to protect our very culture, they ought to consider what company they are keeping. When your allies in a conflict have the same goals as your enemy, are you really doing the right thing?

Fifty years ago, on December 28th, Whittaker Chambers, writing in National Review, drummed Ayn Rand out of the conservative movement with a single line. “From almost any page of Atlas Shrugged, a voice can be heard, from painful necessity, commanding: ‘To a gas chamber — go!’“ Chambers knew that both Rand and Stalin were an end that was the same in essence if different in appearance: a godless world. One was capitalist, the other communist, but “a materialism of the Right and a materialism of the Left first surprisingly resemble, then, in action, tend to blend each with each, because, while differing at the top in avowed purpose, and possibly in conflict there, at bottom they are much the same thing.”

So 50 years later, here’s the question to National Review and its modern counterparts: do they have the courage to drum out of their movement those individuals who, like Rand, may seem to be worthwhile allies in a cultural conflict, but who in the end share a goal with our enemies?

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