A mother has to explain the local abortion clinic to her small children:

My children have an understanding that babies grow in their mother’s tummy and that the mothers know a long, long time before the baby comes out that there is a baby growing in the tummy. I told them that the building was a medical building and the people who work there were going to be taking babies out of a mother’s tummy before the babies were ready to come out.

I thought that this would end the conversation. Unfortunately this brief statement set off a day long interrogation session of which I have never in my many years of parenting endured before.

Once the statement left my lips, they started firing away at me. “Are they making women do this? Are they paying women to do this? Why would women do this?”

I answered with, “Women are paying the workers to do this.”

“But why would women do this? What happens to the baby?” they asked. I said that since they were taking the baby out before it was ready, the baby would die.

“So they are making the baby die on purpose? Do the mothers know ahead of time?” they asked. I said that the workers tell the mothers that it is not really a baby, so the mothers will not worry about doing it. With that, the car erupted with cries of disbelief, even laughter.

They said, “If a mother knows that she is pregnant and is having a baby then how could it not be a baby?” they asked. They just could not get over that women would just believe the workers like that.

(. . .)

Later, that day when we were back in the car the fourth grade girl asked, “Is it illegal to kill someone?” I said yes. She asked “Then is what those medical workers in the building doing illegal?”Before I had a chance to answer, the kindergarten boy piped up “Yeah, do the police know about this?” He asked. I said that the police know about this and that it is legal to do what they are doing. Then the kindergartener asked “Does the Fox News know about this?” I said that reporters do know about it and are talking about it.

Later, when my kindergarten son and I were alone in the kitchen, he asked “What does God think about this?” I said that I thought that God would not like it.

Then the kindergartener got an idea. He decided that we have to warn people about the building. He said, “We have to make 3 signs that say, Tell your wives and mothers not to go into this building.” Since the kindergartener had been to the building, he must have thought that 3 sign would be enough to get the message out.

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h/t: Families Against Planned Parenthood.