Local news WUSA9 reports:

Metro [subway and bus service in D.C.] plans to let its riders who eat and drink on the trains know that it’s serious about enforcement.

General Manager John Catoe says that calls and letters, and even his own experience, have indicated there’s been an increase in eating and messes on the Metro.

He says Metro will have a focused campaign to crack down on enforcement that includes signs and transit police notifying people and citing offenders.

Already during the first nine months of this year, more than 3,200 citations have been given to riders for food and drink violations. The fine is usually about $10.

Police may start rolling out the new initiative as early as this week.

Many don’t remember, but about eight or nine years ago, Metro Transit Police arrested two little kids (in separate incidents) for eating and drinking on the subway. The outcry was deafening, and Metro told its officers to back off.

Guess they backed off too much, too long.