From CWN:

Ireland’s High Court has found the country in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights, because of a failure to change the gender description of a citizen after a sex-change operation. The court ruled that the government violated the human rights of Dr. Lydia Foy, who was born a man but claims female status after surgery. The government declined to issue a new birth certificate for Foy.

The High Court decision called upon Irish lawmakers to revise the regulations treating trans-gender citizens, or face further action in European courts for civil-rights violations

The concept of “Civil Rights” in Western countries has been debased and savaged into determinism.  It is meaningless.

Dr. Foy did not become a woman by having his genitalia mutilated, neither from a medical standpoint nor from the standpoint of the law.  He still has that sticky xy chromosome arrangement to deal with.  Rather, Foy’s claim on womanhood is a case of pure positivist determinism in the law, meaning, “I am whatever I say I am.”

Go Ireland.