Here’s a story about the societal sickness known as “Zero Tolerance,” which, like its cousin, fascism, requires that human judgment be replaced with political doctrine.

From FoxNews:

DENNIS TOWNSHIP, N.J. — A second-grader’s drawing of a stick figure shooting a gun earned him a one-day school suspension.

Kyle Walker, 7, was suspended last week for violating Dennis Township Primary School’s zero-tolerance policy on guns, the boy’s mother, Shirley McDevitt, told The Press of Atlantic City.

Kyle gave the picture to another child on the school bus, and that child’s parents complained about it to school officials, McDevitt said. Her son told her the drawing was of a water gun, she said.

A photocopy of the picture provided by McDevitt showed two stick figures with one pointing a crude-looking gun at the other, the newspaper said. What appeared to be the word “me” was written above the shooter, with another name scribbled above the other figure.

School officials declined to comment Friday. A message left at the superintendent’s office Saturday was not returned.

Kyle drew other pictures, including a skateboarder, King Tut, a ghost, a tree and a Cyclops, the newspaper reported.

When I was in second grade, I used to draw whole battle scenes made of stick figures fighting with guns, artillery, LASER beams, aerial bombs, mortars, trained wild animals, mounted swordsmen, genetically-altered dinosaurs, and God-knows what other kinds of hellish instruments of violence. This was in addition to the games we played in the dirt lot. I must have killed, and been killed by, my friends about ten-thousand times over the course of seven years using every thing from my fake-gun finger to my fake-air bazooka. I suppose nowadays it would get me expelled.