Aw, naw (Kentuckian for “Oh, No!”.)

A Halloween treat from my native Kentucky. From the Courier-Journal of Louisville, via Gerald:

The principal of a Catholic high school in Bardstown received a citation from Louisville Metro Police on Halloween Eve after they allegedly spotted him dressed like a woman in an alley in the Russell neighborhood.

Paul A. Schum, 50, of the 5100 block of Maryview Drive in Louisville, was cited Tuesday for loitering with the purpose of prostitution, according to police records.

Schum, the principal at Bethlehem High School, was wearing an all black leather outfit with fishnet stockings and a pair of fake women’s breasts, the records show.

Schum requested personal leave from his post at the school pending the outcome of the investigation, according to a statement yesterday from the Archdiocese of Louisville, which oversees the school. Schum denies the allegation, the statement said.

Schum is scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 27.

At 9:20 p.m. Tuesday, officers pulled Schum over in his vehicle at 22nd Street and Plymouth Court after they had watched him hanging out in his car in a nearby alley, said Officer Phil Russell, a police spokesman.

Because a high level of drug-trafficking and prostitution is known to take place in the area, beat officers routinely patrol it, looking for people engaged in illegal activity and loitering, Russell said.

When asked why he was in the area, Schum gave several reasons, but none seemed legitimate, Russell said.

Schum currently teaches chemistry at Bethlehem High School, and previously worked for 26 years at St. Xavier High School in Louisville.

He has degrees from Centre College, the University of Louisville and Spalding University, according to his profile on the school’s Web site.

Under Kentucky law, loitering for the purpose of prostitution is a violation for the first offense, and a class B misdemeanor for subsequent offenses.

The Story has generated not a few anti-Catholic outbursts on the CJ forum at the bottom of the page. Also, many of the locals on that forum swear that the man is not gay and is in fact a landlord on the street on which he was arrested.

I am interested to see if Mr. Schrum ever works in the Catholic schools again. Even if he is a gay perv man whore, it hasn’t always necessarily been a disqualification in the Central KY dioceses.