From my favorite Cincinnati blog, Ten Reasons.

First, the old, Catholic version:

Dear Alma Mater Xavier!
Undying troth we pledge to you
That we the living shall hold true
The faith of those of years now gone
Inviolate kept and thus passed on.
So may the trust within us dwell
And may this song our voices swell
Until resounds o’er hill and dell
Dear Alma Mater Xavier.

Here is the new, improved 175th Anniversary pagan version. It goes on forever, says nothing, and mentions the “God we call by many names”:

Xavier is our family tree,
Rooted in one history.
Nurtured by our legacy,
Xavier’s humble pedigree
Branches out to touch the same God
we call by many names,
And a glow in love aflame,
Bear the fruit of Xavier’s fame.
Fame that no one can impeach
Growing to extend our reach,
Planting fertile seeds in each
Soul and mind we serve and teach.
One community we stand,
Building dreams and hopes with hands
Stretching out across the land
For each woman, child and man.


P.S.-My favorite Northern Kentucky blog (across the river from Cincinnati,) is Apoloblogology.