The first world congress on Divine Mercy will have ecumenical and interreligious overtones, according to the secretary-general of the event.

Father Patrice Chocholski said this as he announced that online registration for the 1st World Apostolic Congress on Mercy is now open on its Web page www.worldapostoliccongressonmercy.org.

The congress on Divine Mercy will held April 2-6, in the Vatican’s Paul VI Hall. The date was chosen to coincide with the third anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II, as Divine Mercy was a major theme of his pontificate.

Father Chocholski told ZENIT that the agenda for the congress will include more than talks, but also activities organized in conjunction with the Diocese of Rome. Activities will include workshops, adoration, a procession of light throughout the city and the Mercy Festival in which participants will go out to the churches and squares of Rome to host concerts and prayer vigils.

The motive by which they will include other religions is that “mercy is important to build new bridges between civilizations and religions,” added Father Chocholski.

He added that the congress is “for the entire Church,” and that “no one has a monopoly on Divine Mercy.”

Watch this and think about how it compares/contrasts to the Assisi conferences of the previous pontificate.