I was looking for some more salacious material to write about this evening when my wife called me over to feel her distended tummy.  The baby was rattling around something fierce, as is common this time of night.  But tonight, for the first time, my wife felt a differentiation in exactly what was striking the uterine wall: A foot, then a leg.

So, I have given up blogging for the evening.  Rather than scour the internet for more scandal, I think I will try to feel Baby Cubbedge’s foot instead.

But, here is what I have moving up from the back burners:

  1. Delayed essay on the early sexualization of youth.
  2. Delayed sketch of Milton Hershey
  3. An essay on the importance of the Petrine Office (in response to a direct request from frequent commenter Karen.)
  4. A report from a recent meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
  5. Possibly a special essay on the correlation between monarchist tendencies and the seeming inability to use the active voice in sentence construction by certain Catholic bloggers.  (Seriously.)

You have been warned.

Baby time!