Read the following message of apology and explanation by Fr. Conrad, appended to a message I received from the Associate Director of Public Relations at FSU, Tom Sofio, (whom I would like to thank for reading my crummy little blog!):

Here is some “real journalistic confirmation” as suggested by Lydia:

On November 7, Father Conrad Harkins, OFM, issued the statement you will read below, which we have been distributing to anyone who has posting items on this topic. Father Z’s website has posted a significant update on this topic since receiving this information.

Tom Sofio
Associate Director of Public Relations
Franciscan University of Steubenville

“I deeply regret any pain that I have unwittingly caused those who love the Latin liturgy. I too love both the Liturgy and the Latin language, having celebrated the one and having taught the other at various times in my life.

In a university setting, I thought that those who loved the Latin language would be pleased to hear the Scriptures and a sermon in the venerable tongue of the Latin Fathers, just as those who go to a Spanish Mass are pleased to hear the Scriptures and a sermon in that romance language.

When I read the Gospel in Latin and gave a short word of exhortation in Latin at Franciscan University several years ago, it seemed to please the congregation.

For the record, the Latin Mass yesterday was not the Traditional Latin Mass, the subject of the recent motu proprio of the Holy Father, but the Novus Ordo Latin Mass. I celebrated the Mass devoutly and had no intention of using it in any way as a commentary on the Traditional Latin Mass. Since the Holy Father has expanded the use of the Traditional Latin Mass, I look forward to the opportunity to celebrate it as I did for the first years of my priesthood.”

Fr. Conrad L. Harkins, O.F.M.
November 7, 2007

So, evidently, I was mistaken by Fr. Conrad’s motivations in saying the whole, entire mass in Latin, announcements inclusive. Traditionalists (present company excluded) do tend to look for boogie men. For my part, I regret my error.