From AmericanPapist:

  • Tickets to the Pope’s NYC Mass on April 20th will be free (scalpers need not apply). The Archdiocese of New York plans to distribute the tickets through its parishes, and tickets will also be available to folks coming from elsewhere. The phone number for the Archdiocese is (212) 371-1000. Don’t all call at once. When the tickets become available I’ll provide that information as well. From what I’ve heard, a reference from your local bishop, or requests coming from an official Church organization (youth group, retreat center, etc.) sometimes get a higher priority. No tickets are publically available yet.

The tickets will not be available on traditional event websites such as Ticketmaster, they will be “going through the Bishops.” So now might be a nice time to buy your local shepherd a bottle of wine. It’s a good idea anyway.

  • Tickets to the Pope’s Washington DC Mass on April 17th will also, presumably, be free and distributed through the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C. That contact number is (301) 853-4500. The Archdioceses of Baltimore and Arlington will also receive a limited number of tickets. None are available yet.

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