Regular readers (both of you) will be surprised to know that the wife and I are at the Old Home Place in Catlettsburg, Kentucky, for Thanksgiving this year.  No more surprised than us, I assure you.  We had no intention of coming until Saturday, when we received Mom and Dad’s kind invitation from out of the blue.

Upon arrival, mom let me know that brother Ben and I will be deep frying the (12 lbs.) turkey this year.  If you have not yet sampled this delight (example pictured above), we can not recommend it too highly.  Imagine a turkey with a crisp skin and gushing juice trapped beneath.  And it takes a fraction of the time and hassle that comes with traditional baking.  Yum!

(Note:  You may burn down your house or set fire to your clothes if you try to deep fry a whole turkey.  Be careful.)

Wife and I are having a go at the whole “detachment” thing this week.  Your prayers, united with ours, would be appreciated.

The whole clan will head up to Paris to Belvedere on Friday for a day and night with our equine friends.  Then it’s back to good old D.C. for some super real reality.

Enjoy your feast!