Tea Time Toast, 1996. The revelers (L to R): Dennis Lambert, a 19-year-old version of the author, and the late John Vice.

John Vice, Fellow Scout, Kentuckian, and Friend

I lost an old friend today.  The phone call came this evening like it had the last few times someone back home died. My Dad said “Will, I just got a call from [a relative of the Vice’s]. She said that John Vice was killed today in Lexington. I figured you would want to know.”

I’ve know John since preschool. We were in the same Boy Scout troop, worked together in the scullery at Camp Arrowhead, attended the same High School, we were even in the band together. I briefly attended community college with John. He had perfect relative pitch. In choir, I would sing something and he would pull the harmonizations out of the air. He was a mostly happy guy, tried to cover up his deep thoughts most of the time. He thought about becoming Catholic for quite a while. We lost touch in the last few years, but he had told me in our last meeting that he thought of himself as being a “Bathlic”, part Baptist, part Catholic.

While I am sure I’ll have more to say about it later, I couldn’t let the evening pass without a commemoration.

Rest In Peace.