It’s still Christmas.

That’s right, retailers, governments, schools, television writers, and employers have once again avoided the non-outcry over the non-controversial observance of the 25th of December by ramming the word “Holiday” down our throat in hopes that we will not get distracted by the birth of the Savior of the world and just buy stuff.

So, for us here at FIB, please do not wish us a happy-any-of-the-following:

  • Holiday, holidays, etc.
  • Solstice
  • Winterval
  • Sparkle Season
  • Christmahanakwanzika

Also, please do not sing us any “holiday carols”, show us any “holiday specials”, send us any “holiday cards”, or have us over to look at the “holiday lights.” No, I don’t care if you have “holiday presents” for us stacked ten-deep beneath your “holiday tree.”

I’m sorry, but Mrs. Cubbedge and I cannot come over for “holiday dinner” either. We are engaged.

Celebrating Christmas.