From AmericanPapist:

As predicted:

As if in answer to all those who suggested that the upcoming December 7 release of movie ‘The Golden Compass’ would not lead to enticing children into reading the anti-Christian novels by atheist Philip Pullman, Random House has reported a 500% increase in sales of the books. “More than ten years after its original publication, The Golden Compass has hit USA Today’s Top 50 Best Sellers list, having seen a 500% increase in sales over the last three months,” says the release.

The omnibus edition of Philip Pullman’s complete His Dark Materials trilogy — of which The Golden Compass is the first novel — has moved onto USA Today’s Top 50 list as well. The Golden Compass has sold over 3.5 million copies in the US to date, and the trilogy has sold over 7 million copies. – LifeSiteNews

So, in answer to the critics, “Yes, it matters if the movie does well, even if it is not as anti-Catholic as the book upon which it is based, because the success of the less damnable movie feeds the success of the more-damnable book.”