In this way, the Sedevacantists are just like the Protestant reformers.  Through the arbitrary processes of absolutist Positivism, they appoint themselves the judges of Orthodoxy, declare the Holy Church “unorthodox”,  and run away to pout in their various corners.  The sheer number of these pouting corners is another corollary with Protestantism;  For all their bitching and hyping about being “the true Remnant,” there still is no single Sedevacantist “church,” only splintering groups of bickering loonies, each splintering producing a smaller and more purely hateful group of crypto-Protestant Massolators.  For both Protestants and Sedevacantists, this inevitability is foretold in Genesis: Those who hate God and his Holy Church are doomed to be cast into confusion and derisions, as  were the perpetrators of the inchoate decide at Babel.