Washington, D.C. has lead the nation in HIV/AIDS cases for the last several years. Millions of dollars have been spent promoting testing, contraceptive use, and sex education as preventatives. Contraceptives in particular are touted as the only true talisman able to ward off AIDS. Free government-supplied barrier contraceptives, as well as the wide-spread availability of condoms at retail outlets, ensure that anyone who wants contraceptives can get them.

Today, Forbes magazine rates D.C. as number six in contraceptive sales nation wide.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that contraceptives, on the whole, do nothing to stop the spread of AIDS. In fact, if contraceptives do anything, they lull the lustful into a false sense of security and thereby ironically help promote the spread of HIV.

The only way to ensure non-transmission is to not have sex. Now, if only there were some kind of clear-cut way of conveying this idea to the general populace as part of a larger civic strategy.

Hmmm . . .