The following are my preferred charities for your consideration as you contemplate what to do with your extra money this Christmas:

  • Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land: (website) A spiritual powerhouse and immense force for good in the Holy Land, the Foundation supports the work of the Catholic Church in the places made holy by the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, the Foundation provides direct support to the most despised and forlorn minority in the region-the Christian Palestinians-through education, food assistance, and health care.
  • Franciscan Charity Helping the Orphaned and Crippled of Viet Nam: (website) The Franciscans funnel aid to priest caring for lepers, the retarded, the extremely poor, and the abandoned in the workers’ paradise Projects include feeding, clothing, medical care, and clean water for thousands.
  • Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena: (website) While not a charity per se, ULRA is a network of faithful Catholics united in prayer and bringing aid and religious goods (rosaries, scapulars, literature) to all parts of the world. ULRA operates in mission fields where it is the only Catholic organization extant. ULRA is literally coordinated out of a warehouse in Texas by two or three people and, from thence, supports millions of members.
  • Holy Family Hospital, Bethlehem, SMOM: (website) The hospital cares for the poor and sick in the city of Our Lord’s Holy Birth, a city now, as it was then, impoverished. It is a project of the wonderful Knights of Malta.