Got this one from AmericanPapist:

Dear Friends,

Attached is a flyer with information on the annual Day of Remembrance in honor of Fr. John Hardon, the saintly Jesuit whose influence still reverberates throughout America, particularly in the archdioceses of Detroit and Chicago.

Fr. Hardon was the spiritual director of Mother Teresa, and was the only priest at the altar at her public funeral Mass. He developed a catechetical curriculum for her order, and for 26 years traveled worldwide giving retreats at Missionaries of Charity convents. Fr. Hardon has been declared a “Servant of God” by the Vatican, and efforts are well underway for his eventual canonization.

This day-long event, slated for Saturday, Dec. 29, at Assumption Grotto Church in Detroit, has been held every year since Fr. Hardon died in 2000. The event is always a great time to not only learn more about Fr. Hardon, but to spent time with and meet with many people who knew and worked with him during his 10 years in Detroit.

Three speakers will talk about their personal experiences with Fr. Hardon.

  • Marlene Elwell, long-time pro-life political activist/strategist and most recently founder of Catholics in the Public Square. Marlene is one of the giants of the pro-life movement in the United States, and she is responsible for the brilliant strategic success of getting a pro-life plank in the Republican platform in 1980, when the GOP’s convention was in Detroit.
  • Carole Breslin, who assisted Fr. Hardon in many ways. Including helping to prepare his manuscripts for publication. Particularly noteworthy was her help in the writing of his last project, his remarkable Catholic Prayer Book.
  • Jay McNally, journalist and biographer of Fr. Hardon. Jay has done investigative reporting for the Wanderer, the National Catholic Register, New Oxford Review and Catholic World Report, and was executive director for six years of Call to Holiness, one of the last of many apostolates founded by Fr. Hardon.

A great highlight of the event will be the 4 p.m. Vigil Mass at Assumption Grotto.

The PDF flyer is available here: HardonDayofReflectionDec29.

I relied on Fr. Hardon’s reference works during my conversion. I talked with him for over an hour once at a conference in Ashland, Kentucky in 1995. He is one of my heroes.