My Dear Friends and Fellow Catholic Bloggers:

I am writing on this Palm Sunday to ask for your support for the pious work of the Franciscan Order in the Holy Land. These brave men have supported the Christian mission in the Middle East since the 13th Century, and continue to do so, as souls emboldened by the sacrificial love of Our Savior.

Today, their mission is most urgent. While the deteriorating conditions in Israel threaten the life and safety of all of its inhabitants, the Christian presence is especially in danger. Violence coupled with extreme poverty and lack of economic opportunity are driving the Christian population in Israel to leave the Holy Land in record numbers.

The Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land is working hard to improve the condition, and secure the position, of the Christians in Israel for years to come. The foundation has trained thousands to work in good paying jobs, supported schools, colleges, and other endeavors to help our poor brothers and sisters who call the Holy Land Home.

Won’t you hear the call of our fellow Christians who suffer in the land made holy by the presence of Our Lord and Savior? Please consider putting the button (below) on your blog and dedicating some posts to the subject (perhaps on the first Friday of each month.) Link the button either to the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land site ( or to the appeal page on my blog ( Thank you.

Yours in Christ;
Will Cubbedge