My thoughts, made better, by Mark Shea. The militant atheists daily and obsessively rage against the god who doesn’t exist They are either crazy, stupid, or afraid. I choose No. 3:

One of the constant boasts of the atheist is that he maintains a clear-eyed focus on Real Life while the theist (and especially those odious Christians) spend all their time trying to please an imaginary sky god.

And yet here are their priorities: “The Jesus Project may be the single most important commitment that the Center for Inquiry and its affiliated organizations—among them the Council for Secular Humanism, publisher of FREE INQUIRY—will ever make.”

Jesus, the imaginary sky god is the Most Important Thing in the World for them. Far more important the doing one damn thing about the oppression, exploitation, corruption and murder happening right under their noses at the hands of their Chinese hosts.

Let’s for the sake of argument, grant that Jesus doesn’t exist. Duly noted. So why are you spending all your time fighting with somebody who doesn’t exist and spending none of your time actually, like, dealing with real oppression at the hands of…. ohhhhhh!!!!!… at the hands of your fellow atheists! Ah! Got it!

Proceed. Beat that sky god! Get him boys! He’s the real problem!