I was getting over a hernia during the summer and fall of 2007, and this blog arose out of that misery as an outlet for the thoughts of a mind trapped in a body trapped in my grandmother’s attic. I had originally intended to use the blog as a way of criticizing the radical traditionalist loons who are so abundantly manifest on the Web and who, for the most part, spread their filthy lies without the burden of critical exposure. I am neither forgiving enough to let them have a pass, nor naive enough to let crazies go about being crazy and think that no harm can come of it. Also, the radicals are easy targets, and showing them up is an easy task (thus the name of this blog), and that serves my swelled ego.

I had no problem, at first, putting my name to what I wrote. My mother always told me that a gentlemen should never write anything to which he would not append his name, and so far, I don’t think I have. The only problem is that, after a few months, and to my great shock, people actually started reading the blog. And I’m not just talking about my friends and family. If you googled my name (it’s not a common name,) ten pages of the former incarnation of this blog came up in the search. And while this itself was not a problem, I began to wonder “What if a potential employer decided to do a background search on the internet, found my blog, didn’t like my religious views, and denied my application as a result?”

So, that is why we are all here now, rather than at that old blog. That means that I will have to contact the folks on my blogroll with the URL update. Also, it means that the articles on the old blog have been transfered here, and that all of your old linky-links are now broken. (It’s easy to fix, just replace the old name of the blog with “likeshooting.” in the HTML. It furthermore means that this blog will languish in the search engines’ sandboxes for a few weeks. I think I’ll live.

While I will scrub my name off of this blog in due time, I don’t suppose it will be hard for anyone to figure out who I really am if he were to try hard enough. But, for the sake of informality (an and the aforementioned reasons), let’s keep my name on the Q.T., and simply refer to me by my signature: