I will try to consolidate the last two week’s news into one post: (links to follow)

Doug Kmeic officially endorsed Obama, thus proving, despite his protestations to the contrary, that he is willing to sell his soul for Wales.

Oh, and Bob Casey has endorsed Obama, too.

The Pope is coming. Through the kindness of Ryan Mullen and Thomas Peters, I now have enough tickets to get everyone in my family to both the ride-up to the Shrine and to Mass at the stadium. My back has been hurting for over a week, so I don’t want to go out into crowds. Also, there are only two mass tickets, and the Secret Service demands my month-old baby have one to attend. And where her mom goes, little Philly goes, so I get to go to the Waffle House that morning.

I will miss the mass, for sure. But, at least I can hear Rev. Cleophus any time I want:

More to come . . .