While my wife and daughter are standing outside the National Shrine, daddy, with his bad back and distaste for crowds, is sitting in his Rosslyn apartment and watching the proceedings live on News Channel 8.

Some notes:

1. My man, J.P., papal altar designer (whom some of you branded a Modernist), is serving as Vimp of the Pastoral Staff.

2. My man, Lloyd, the only man allowed to touch the $75K, custom made censor, is acting as thurifer.

3. Most importantly, my man, Msgr. Charles Pope, (who married us,) is the clerical color commentary. He is taking the opportunity to preach the Gospel, which he (as always) does very well.

While she got to see him in the flesh, I am kind of sorry my wife is missing the TV coverage

Other liturgical stuff:

  • His Holiness is wearing a restored pontifical cope, over 100 years old, that was restored by the Shrine sister sacristans.  It features a number of French saints and blessed, including Joan of Arc and Charlemagne (!).
  • The Altar features the now famous Benedictine configuration (six candles and a Crucifix right on the mensa.)
  • The Choir is bowing at each Gloria.

Also, some really neat polyphony.