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The entire post is pasted here, without permission, from the infidel professor’s blog, after the jump.

(Warning:  It may be a near occasion of sin for some to read the following anti-God, anti-intellectual diatribe, and the picture may make you think violent things.  Pray in reparation for this horrid crime, and remember, Our Lord’s body has undergone worse things as a consequence of our sins.) sacrilege

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It seems that every time the Pope gets within five feet of a Muslim nowadays, the Vatican has to issue some kind of clarification. We all remember the hub bub over the Pope’s remarks regarding ancient Islam’s relationship with philosophy a while back. That took weeks of clarifications, burning effigies, and non-apologies to get over. Now, because the Pope dared to baptize a non-observant Muslim on Easter, the world is threatening to burn again (don’t worry, the world is almost always threatening to burn.) A Vatican aide has issued a “clarification” saying in part that the baptism wasn’t really meant as an offense or triumphalist maneuver on the part of the Holy Father.

I mean, really, how could anyone think that the Pope would want to do anything triumphalist by receiving famous converts into the Catholic Church? And on Easter, of all days!



From the comment box, a message on priestly celibacy and the Fr. Francis Mary Case from Fr. Joe:

I think such a priest would be welcomed back but I would have preferred that he made no public statement. People think the worse and might suppose he has committed mortal sin…which we do not know, do we? Nothing sexual might have happened. It could be an internal turmoil only. Not knowing the details of the case, I can say little.

If he attempts marriage then he places himself and a person he says he loves into a seriously sinful state. It angers me that men can reject Church law and teachings when it suits their selfishness. If he maintains a brother-sister relationship until (or if) laicization is offered, at least then he shows some respect to the Church and concern about her soul.

Broken promises are always a scandal. But as of right now, has he literally gone “over the wall”? Maybe the discernment is a spiritual and psychological one that is directed to his return as a good priest to ministry? I have known many men who suffered because of the heart-strings, but desperately fought to preserve their priesthood. Such men sometimes seek time off and counsel in order to cope with the emotional upset. After they are done crying into their pillows, and if they regard their priestly promises as permanent, they come back to ministry. Yes, they will be wounded healers, but most priests are in some way or another.

Real healthy men…heterosexuals in the priesthood are attracted to women. They make a promise of celibate love and by discipline, prayer and grace, they live out this life of loving service. They might fall in love…heck, they might fall in love with a number of nice women in their lifetimes…but they remain steadfast. Older and wiser men recognize the signs and make distance, even becoming gruff or mean to women they particularly like. This is often misinterpreted. But it has to be done. If a priest falls deeply in love with a woman in a romantic way, he must abandon her friendship and any affiliation with her. He must not play games that will lead the both of them into disaster. He must say goodbye. Often he will not and should not tell the woman why they cannot remain associates or “friends”. He must love her enough to let her go. There is something of sacrifice and the cross about this. It is as it must be. We need men who have a single-hearted love for God and devotion to the Church. As new Christs, they take the Church as their spouse. Once the promise is made, they must not think again that they are free like other men. Fantasies must be guarded and brushed aside. No time for envying other men or feeling sorry for oneself can be allowed. They have surrendered their intimacy and their sexuality to God– case closed.

God give us strong priests with conviction and faith!



This disgusting story comes from the great Curt Jester:

choiceonearth2007.jpgFor the last several years Planned Parenthood has been selling their “Choice on Earth” Holiday cards and the ones to the left are this years products. This is one occasion where I am totally fine with them using holiday cards vice Christmas cards.

The images used on their cards once again give absolutely no indication of the reality of “choice”. Two images are of a mother with a child, yet Planned Parenthood offers zero services for those who want to keep their child.

Mark Steyn wrote quite accurately recently “What’s the “pro-choice” line? “Every child should be wanted”? Not anymore. The progressive position has subtly evolved: Every child should be unwanted.” But in some ways for PP every child is a wanted child, at least wanted by their abortionists so that they might get their bounty. But this view towards families is not just a recent development, but one with a steady message since at least the seventies. Anybody with a large family can attest to the questions they get about them being “all theirs” and the glances turned their way for making a societal faux pas. Though I once had the same attitude in my enlightened liberal days.

Considering the recent news of environmental activists saying having a child is selfish and damaging to the environment and the recent books as Mark Steyn notes such as “”Better Never to Have Been: The Harm of Coming into Existence.” Planned Parenthood and radical environmentalist are natural allies except the part about the pill damaging the ecosystem with hormones. But Planned Parenthood and radical environmentalist have always had their convenient blind spots when it suits their purposes.

The card with the doves though is obviously the most annoying. Whether the dove is seen as a symbol for the Holy Spirit or as a symbol for peace it is still inappropriate. Blessed Mother Teresa said “I feel that the greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion”

But I guess the reality of babies ripped apart and removed by suction is not the best image even for a “holiday card.” Even contraception doesn’t lend itself to the comfy holiday image they are trying to portray. A tree decked out with condoms and pill packages just doesn’t hit it out of the park.

Though the question is exactly what holiday are these cards for in the first place? Christmas with the celebration of the birth of our savior is obviously not it. They see a pregnant young mother as a target and not something to rejoice in. The miracle related during Hanukkah with the traditional Jews defeating secularist Jews when Judaism had been outlawed by Antiochus IV Epiphanes does not really fit into a holiday they would be happy about. The made-up of holiday of Kwanzaa doesn’t fit the bill considering the historic roots of Planned Parenthood and their view on blacks that extends to the present day with a concentration of their clinics being in poorer black neighborhoods. Well how about the secular holiday of Christmas where the overriding message is “Family is important.” Somehow abortion and contraception is not really family friendly. If only they would start making those dime-a-dozen holiday TV movies with the message “Preventing family is important” then PP would have a match.

The obvious demonic perversion and exploitation of Christmas by America’s leading abortion mill/political lobby leaves the author speechless.

Of interest also is Dawn Eden’s report of PP’s slogans in other countries, including “Quality rather than Quantity” (Zimbabwe,) and “Two is better than Too Many (Hong Kong.)

Washington, D.C. has lead the nation in HIV/AIDS cases for the last several years. Millions of dollars have been spent promoting testing, contraceptive use, and sex education as preventatives. Contraceptives in particular are touted as the only true talisman able to ward off AIDS. Free government-supplied barrier contraceptives, as well as the wide-spread availability of condoms at retail outlets, ensure that anyone who wants contraceptives can get them.

Today, Forbes magazine rates D.C. as number six in contraceptive sales nation wide.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that contraceptives, on the whole, do nothing to stop the spread of AIDS. In fact, if contraceptives do anything, they lull the lustful into a false sense of security and thereby ironically help promote the spread of HIV.

The only way to ensure non-transmission is to not have sex. Now, if only there were some kind of clear-cut way of conveying this idea to the general populace as part of a larger civic strategy.

Hmmm . . .


A partial transcript of an interview of leading geneticist Dr. James Bonner by Walter Cronkite for the 1967 CBS special “The 21st Century”:

Bonner: Each baby, when it’s born, must donate some of his sex cells, sperm or eggs, and these are put in a deep freeze and just kept. The person leads his life, and dies. And after he’s all dead and gone, so the heat of passion is taken out of the matter, a committee meets and studies his life.

Cronkite: So during his lifetime then, he hasn’t had any children?

Bonner: He’s been sterilized, and hasn’t had any children in the normal way. After he’s dead and gone, the committee meets and reviews his life and asks, ‘Would we like to have some more people like him?’ If the answer’s no they take out his sex cells of the deep freeze and throw them away. But if the answer’s yes then they use him to fertilize eggs similarly selected on the basis of review and validation of a person’s contributions during his lifetime. He just doesn’t get to brazenly go out and propagate his own genes without assuring himself and everyone else that they’re the best possible genes.

Go to Paleo-Future for the shocking video.


“Prepare ye the way of the Lord!”

And nothing says Advent like . . .


The Bratz Advent Calender!

(Perhaps the voice that crieth in the wilderness should just keep on crying.)

I apologize if this has ruined your day.

(H/T to Amy Welborne)



We continue to take humans out of our transactions, replacing gas jockeys and cashiers and totemen with machines. I think this suits our society’s increasingly narcissistic and neurotic nature, a nature that would rather see the individual as the center of the universe, not having to bother with other people. Pop in your ipod, slip your credit card into the gas pump, and head out on the freeway.

Anyway, I wonder whether or not in my lifetime we will ever have a product or service that is supplied completely by machines. That seemed to be the vision of futurists in the first half of the 20th century. As we continued to refine time- and labor-saving technologies, we would happen upon an age where men sat around and were served by machines. This would mean that men would no longer have to toil away at farming, manufacturing, etc., and would instead be free to pursue the life of the mind.

(And, since not all people are best disposed by nature to pursue the life of the mind, one wonders whether Asimov and Co. imagined this world filled with servant robots simultaneously devoid of the mentally and genetically “unfit” and, if so, then how.)

I predict that, no, there will never be truly “processed” goods in my lifetime. I suspect that there will always be some human directly involved in either making, growing, cooking, transporting, or selling me the stuff I need.

But, I still worry that too many people have been cut out of the process already.


From the “alternative” D.C. fish wrapper City Paper, via the great Diogenes:

From Maryland comes yet another while-you-weren’t-paying-attention story about Catholic priests who just happen to be women. You don’t need to read it (by now you could probably write it yourself), but the lede raises an interesting point:

Priest Andrea Johnson of Annapolis, dressed in a white robe, the red swirls on her sash rippling like water, lifts a goblet of wine to offer Holy Communion at the Stony Run Friends meetinghouse in North Baltimore on Nov. 12. Behind her, Deacon Gloria Carpeneto of Catonsville offers grape juice and gluten-free rice cakes to those on restricted diets.

So we’ve got priests who aren’t priests offering food-stuffs that couldn’t be consecrated even if they were. Here’s my question: does there exist a woman priest or a supporter of women’s ordination who would discountenance the Eucharistic use of rice cakes and grape juice as invalid? Does anyone in fact maintain the Church is wrong about valid matter in the one instance and right about it in the other? If so, it would be interesting to hear the arguments for the Church’s authority in the case where she’s got it right.


When I was a kid, we had about six or seven kids with Down Syndrome in my school.  They came from all over the county to the primary division of the severe retardation unit at Cannonsburg Elementary.  I don’t know if rural Boyd County, Kentucky, had a proportionate ratio of Down Syndrom cases for its rather small population, but I do know that, on the periphery of my childhood, I had a schoolyard acquaintance with the kids.

Closer to home, my mother taught the retarded (in another division) in the county schools for years.  When she retired a few years ago, she said that there were one or two Down Syndrome cases in the whole county.

So, where did the all the Down Syndrome kids go?

The answer:  They were diagnosed in vitro in a eugenics scheme funded in part by the government, and aborted by their mothers on the advice of their physicians.

Read this analysis from With Good Reason:

It is deeply troubling to note today that in many sectors the medical establishment appears bent on making sure that children with Down Syndrome actually don’t exist.  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) now recommends screening all pregnant women for Down Syndrome, and the latest prenatal tests allow doctors to determine whether a baby might have the abnormality as early as 11 weeks gestation.  In fact, studies indicate that more than 90% of unborn children who test positive for Down Syndrome are aborted.

There is, of course, a name for what is happening here. It’s called eugenics—or, more precisely, the “new eugenics” (a topic on which I’ve written before). While we can wholeheartedly embrace genetic research that strives to prevent or eliminate Down Syndrome, we simply cannot tolerate a biomedical ethos that strives to eliminate Down syndrome children.

In the wake of the new ACOG recommendations, the Washington Post ran a touching first-person account of parenting a child with Down Syndrome. The mother who wrote the piece noted quite cogently:

Certainly, these recommendations will have the effect of accelerating a weeding out of fetuses with Down syndrome that is well underway. There’s an estimated 85 to 90 percent termination rate among prenatally diagnosed cases of Down syndrome in this country. With universal screening, the number of terminations will rise. Early screening will allow people to terminate earlier in their pregnancies when it’s safer and when their medical status may be unapparent to friends and colleagues.

I understand that some people very much want this, but I have to ask: Why? Among the reasons, I believe, is a fundamental societal misperception that the lives of people with intellectual disabilities have no value — that less able somehow equates to less worthy…  [W]e’re assigning one trait more importance than all the others and making critical decisions based on that judgment.

In so doing, we’re causing a broad social effect. We’re embarking on the elimination of an entire class of people who have a history of oppression, discrimination and exclusion.

This also brings to mind a New York Times story from earlier this year which described how parents of children with Down Syndrome are trying to create a greater awareness about the positive aspects of parenting these children:

Sarah Itoh, a self-described “almost-eleven-and-a-half,” betrayed no trace of nervousness as she told a roomful of genetic counselors and obstetricians about herself one recent afternoon.

She likes to read, she said. Math used to be hard, but it is getting easier. She plays clarinet in her school band. She is a junior girl scout and an aunt, and she likes to organize, so her room is very clean. Last year, she won three medals in the Special Olympics.

“I am so lucky I get to do so many things,” she concluded. “I just want you to know, even though I have Down syndrome, it is O.K.”

Sarah’s life, and the lives of other individuals with Down syndrome, add a richness to society that cannot be measured.  And this is so for one simple reason: Sarah, and all children with Down, are human persons. But we live in a culture that is rapidly losing its capacity to recognize human personhood where it is to be found. We well have reason to fear that, in our technical sophistications and narcissistic obsession with the unimpeded pursuit of every personal preference, there is very little separating us from a new barbarism.

(. . .)


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