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The host of Meet The Press died suddenly today of a heart attack. He was slated to give the keynote speech at the annual Catholic Common Ground Initiative lecture at CUA later this month.

In your charity, pray for his soul and for his family.  May he rest in peace.



Story from the BBC.

Charlton Heston, the biggest actor in the world died today. I say biggest not because he was the best, or the most prolific, but because he pulled off a succession of roles that were so huge that one of them wold probably have defined a lesser actor’s career. He was 84, and had suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease. Lydia, his wife of over 50 years, was by his side.

Heston, while a rabid America loving conservative (multi-term president of the NRA, friend of conservative causes), he was also a civil rights leader (having marched with MLK,) as well as a labor leader (president of the Screen Actor’s Guild) and leader in professional development (he was chairman of the American Film Institute).



Sad news from correspondent Jim last night.  Al Arborgast, pioneer of the Latin Mass movement in Lexington, KY, and a friend of mine, has passed on.

The email from chaplain Fr. Valentine Young, ofm, announcing the death:

  Our beloved Al Arbogast past away this morning around 6:30 AM at St. Joseph Hospital.  His son Joe from Milwaukee had been staying with him, and noticed his weakened condition earlier this morning.  He called 911 and had his dad taken to the hospital, but it was his dad’s time to go to heaven.

[. . .]

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine.  Et lux perpetua luceat ei.

Here are the arrangements as announced by Fr. Valentine:

  Viewing for relatives and friends will be from 5 – 8 on Thursday, March 27, with the Rosary and other prayers being recited at 7:00 PM.  This will take place at the Milward Funeral Dicrectors locatged at 391 Southland Drive.

The Funeral Mass will be Friday at 9:00 AM at St. Peter Church.  Hopefully the adult and children’s choir will be able to be present and sing at this Mass.  The burial will take place at St. Stephen Cemetery in Fort Thomas, KY, where Al’s wife is buried.

Al brought all of his energy, inelegance, and charm to the Latin Mass Committee and helped keep it going through the rough years.  He was a real gentleman and he will be missed.


BGN Paul Tibbets, USAF (Ret.)
23 February 1915 – 1 November 2007

Drew what may be the hardest single assignment in the history of warfare. As a 30-year-old Colonel in the Air Corps, he piloted the Enola Gay (named for his mother) on 6 August 1945 on its historic bombing run over Hiroshima.

Quote: “I’m not proud that I killed 80,000 people, but I’m proud that I was able to start with nothing, plan it and have it work as perfectly as it did . . . You’ve got to take stock and assess the situation at that time. We were at war. … You use anything at your disposal . . . I sleep clearly every night.”

According to reports, General Tibbets requested no funeral and no marker out of fear that his last resting place might become a protest site.

Rest in Peace.


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