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I started this whole mess when I was unemployed and laid up sick. That was 2007. Now, in 2011, I’m unemployed and laid up sick. So, finding myself with little else to occupy my time, I return, like the dog to its vomit, to FIB.

I was inspired by my friends Colleen and Matt Swaim who have resurrected their own blogs though now joined together, containing within the new construct the most powerful elements of their once-powerful individual blogs. Like Serpentor . I figured, “hey, if my younger, more talented, and more attractive friends with jobs and three published books between them can reappear on the ‘sphere after a long dry spell, why can’t I?”

Let’s see what we can do here, shall we?



This is out of the blue.

I’m looking for another copy of the pre-reform breviary, so I Googled the word “breviary” and an ad for the notorious apostate “Most Holy Family Monastery” came up in the sidebar, where you have to pay to get your link published.

For those of you who don’t know, the so-called “monastery” is run by two brothers named Dimond who started as Feenyites, progressed through the normal chambers of traditionalist bushwah, and came out as self-professed (literally) religious who run thei

Things are getting very chummy b/w the President and His Holiness, and the Italian rumor mill is grinding away.

Remember, Bush has a few Catholic relatives on his brother’s side (including his brother.)


The time has come to change gears here at FIB. Old Mr. WAC has been bogged down in work and family life, and has to take a step back from the blog, at least for a little while.

That’s why I’m announcing my summer vacation from the blog. My good friend Mr. JPM will take over with the day-to-day, and will support the high journalistic standards of FIB while bringing a fresh prespective to the blog.

Don’t worry, personality cultists, this is only temporary (at least for now . . .) I’ll be back in the Fall, and I’ll drop in here from time to time in the meantime.



Poor relic hunter Sam White was killed at his Virginia home by a 140-year-old unexploded shell that he was trying to restore.

To give you an idea of how powerful the burst was, the authorities found a chunk of shrapnel in the wall of a house 1/4 of a mile away.


This devotion comes to us from South of the Border (La Mano Mas Ponderosa), where Catholic imagery is awesomely colorful, literal, and evocative.

O Powerful Hand of God! I place my Christian soul before you, and in my despair and anguish, beseech you to aid me with your almighty power. At your feet I place the devotion of my sorrowful heart that I might be delivered from my suffering. May the loving kindness of your power help me and give me strength and wisdom to live in peace and happiness. (Here present your petitions).



I got a fever, and the only cure is more Pope!


When the Pope celebrates mass tomorrow at Nationals’ Stadium, he will do so on an altar my buddies Ryan and J.P. designed and built.  They included in their design a spot in the wooden altar in which to insert an altar stone or “portable altar” (which contains the relics of martyrs and is the traditional, though no longer obligatory, place upon which to celebrate mass in the Latin rite.)  The Archdiocese, according to my buddies, has secured the  portable altar stone used by America’s first bishop, John Carrol, for use in the papal altar.



While my wife and daughter are standing outside the National Shrine, daddy, with his bad back and distaste for crowds, is sitting in his Rosslyn apartment and watching the proceedings live on News Channel 8.

Some notes:

1. My man, J.P., papal altar designer (whom some of you branded a Modernist), is serving as Vimp of the Pastoral Staff.

2. My man, Lloyd, the only man allowed to touch the $75K, custom made censor, is acting as thurifer.

3. Most importantly, my man, Msgr. Charles Pope, (who married us,) is the clerical color commentary. He is taking the opportunity to preach the Gospel, which he (as always) does very well.

While she got to see him in the flesh, I am kind of sorry my wife is missing the TV coverage

Other liturgical stuff:

  • His Holiness is wearing a restored pontifical cope, over 100 years old, that was restored by the Shrine sister sacristans.  It features a number of French saints and blessed, including Joan of Arc and Charlemagne (!).
  • The Altar features the now famous Benedictine configuration (six candles and a Crucifix right on the mensa.)
  • The Choir is bowing at each Gloria.

Also, some really neat polyphony.


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I just want to congratulate you . . . for the great work you’re doing on your blog. I’m fairly new to blogging myself, but your blog seems to get a lot of traffic and it’s very well done. You certainly are “giving back” in a substantial way, and thus providing a wonderful service to the Church. . . . I’m going to visit your site more often and will offer comments as I can.

-Leon Suprenant, Past-President, Catholics United for the Faith

I much enjoyed your conversion story . . .. Your other material is also very interesting.

James Likoudis, Past-President, Catholic United for the Faith

Even though we’ve always had differing opinions on things like politics and religion. I have always felt proud of your conviction, even in our younger days. I have always felt I was a better person for knowing you . . ..

You rock.

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God bless you for standing up for Christ and His Church.

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Keep up the good cyber-work.

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I enjoy the blog.

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I perused your site and was quite pleased with what I saw. Adding you to the blogroll now.

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. . . it may be encouraging for you to know that we occasionally (read: approximately once monthly) mention your blog on our morning show. Because of your diligence, we were able to prepare adequately for a Padre Pio interview this morning. Keep up the good work.

Matt Swaim, Catholic Broadcaster and Author of Apoloblogology

I like the blog, too.

-Mrs. LMC, Wife of the Author