I am implementing the following guidelines in response to a recent rash of argumentative comments appended to my posts by dissenting readers.  Failure to abide will result with deletion:

  1. Do not use any foul language.  Foul language is any word that would have led to my being paddled in kindergarten.  Anthropomorphisms are excepted.
  2. Post pithy comments.  A non-pithy comment is any comment that is longer than the original post.  These are subject to editing or deletion.
  3. Reasonable debate and argument is welcome and encouraged.  Do not post argumentative comments.  An argumentative comment is one which addresses anything other than the proximate subject of the original post.   Do not engage in rank contradiction.
  4. Trolling this blog is dangerous.  A Troll is someone who posts only argumentative comments.  If you are going to argue with the editorial position of this blog, I highly suggest that, to avoid deletion, you introduce yourself first.
  5. Be nice to each other.

These rules are subject to change at any time.